Where I’ve been


5 thoughts on “Where I’ve been

  1. 7seastrees says:

    Jack! This is Heather! I told you I loved your hat, while shopping at Mother’s! You told me you made it yourself and gave me your card. I loved reading the story about the journey that ended with the girl who rode your horse around and then called the police. However, it ended at that, I want to know the rest of the story. But I guess I could always just use my imagination. I want to buy one of your homemade hats!

  2. Julie Bond says:

    Jack… Julie from Thumps coffee in Bend. Nice chatting with you this morning (4/23/13). I realize you may not read this for a long while, and hope you remember our chat. Looks like your hat is popular with others, as well! I am hoping you can make one for me and somehow we can reconnect so I can buy it. My head size is a whopping 23″! Any color.

    Hope your visit is pleasant, and that your trip out to Burns is equally nice… not too cold or anything! Take care… hope to hear from you.

    • jackfee says:

      thanks for getting back to me, yes I have been far from high technology! I am helping a friend out in Monument OR but tomorrow I will head to the Dalles so I will be back to Trout Lake pretty soon and I will write you again and make you a hat! Jack

      • Julie says:

        Look forward to hearing from you. Hope your trip to Monument went well, and that you have a safe trip back to Trout Lake. Sounds so lovely. Is it as lovely as it sounds?


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