Pointing East

August 7, 2012. I moved Taboona out where the tallest grass was but she just stood there in the sun, so I moved her back into the shade. Then I took her to water but she was not thirsty and that was good.  I also noticed; she is always very cautious near running water like the wild animal that she is ( a mustang) she know’s the  danger associated with water. That this could be a place to be ambushed or maybe she was captured by the BLM at a watering hole?

A woman named Pamela drove into the park and visited with me, she told me about her favorite horse “Blondie” and how she had moved her to Arizona but she developed a cough and had to move her to a better, less dry place. I  could tell that the time when she had her horse, had meant a lot to her!

A friend of mine, Rollean showed up and we had a  visit. He told me he had changed his last name. I thought he probably did the right thing.  He sees great importance in changing his name!

My horse finally seemed to settle down and seemed more at ease. So I moved her out to the tall grass. I noticed she kept facing east and looking intently in that direction with her head raised high. I think she has put two and two together and realizes she is getting nearer to her old buddies out at Ekone Ranch! She has also figured out a good way to scratch her belly; she lies on her belly and then pulls herself foreword and back with her front feet. It is a very clever move and it obviously gives her a lot of satisfaction!

I got a pretty good nights rest and no one bothered us.

August 8, 2012. I got up at five am and made a breakfast of oat meal. Then I pooped in a bag and packed it out of the park. We left Goldendale at seven and Taboona really stepped out!  I was feeling pretty tired so I stopped along Badger Gulch road and made some green tea. We got to Ekone Ranch in five and a half hours and there is quit an elevation gain in the process!

My daughter Kya was participating at one of Ekone Ranch’s horse camps and was glad to see me and I was glad to be there! I unhitched under some big oaks, staked Taboona out and took a nap.  I had lunch with everyone at the “Yummy Tummy” Cafe. Then took another nap, then I felt more refreshed! After six days on the road this was like coming home!

There was also an amazing dinner, the likes of a Thanksgiving meal that Chris cooked up, and then there was a story telling time where all the kids told a story. I told the story of how the green haired girl almost stole my horse!


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Beyond Tired

August 1, 2012. There was  no place to really rest and find feed along here, most of the land is fenced but we did finely find some good feed  but it was mostly alfalfa and I knew she was not used to that so I held her back. We stopped four times in the last three miles. We were both getting exhausted and it was hot but the wind was a redeeming factor and helped us stay cooler! We just kept on slow and crazy like. Taboona was beyond tired and I was getting bleary when I suddenly thought about my friend African John! I knew he lived out her somewhere but I couldn’t  remember just where! I remember I was there two years ago at his annual party and we were sitting on a flat shed roof facing the NW, so I kept studying all the farm houses to the SE, finally I spotted it!! I was immensely relived; the thought of having to go all the way to town another four miles, was just too much!

We turned on his road, and then into his drive way. John was extremely generous to us, it was as if we had planned this and he was waiting our arrival!! John’s daughter Latisha brought Taboona carrots and a raw corn on the cob, and then I staked Taboona out where there was grass and alfalfa growing.. even a young neighbor boy was excited to have a horse tied up near by!  John fed me lamb, corn on the cob and a shrimp salad! Later on I slept in the house on a firm couch and thanks to my pad and my thin cotton pharaoh I slept pretty well in the heat. I got up in the middle of the night and moved Taboona and gave her water. I was glad I had loaded up on water because John had run out, his well had dried up!

August 2, 2012. I moved her again in the morning. After one of John’s famous breakfasts of coffee, eggs, and zucchini squash we packed up and hit the road. It felt good to get going again and Taboona seemed very “amped” up, probably from the alfalfa, of which she seldom ever gets!

We went right to Jessie’s place where I met his sister and their daughter, Cheyenne who liked horses. Jessie drove me down town and I did some shopping then he gave me a ride back. It seemed like grand central station there, (but with that who needs a TV,) so we headed out down Klickitat Street.

A woman came out of her house and asked me to stop but I just kept moving then she asked me again, then again so I slowed down and asked her why? She said her mother was ill and she thought we might cheer her up. With that I turned around and stopped right in front of her house. Then she asked if I could turn just a little so her mother could get a better view, so we turned. She said her mother was 95 years old. After quite sometime she came out and thanked me, she said it took her mother a while to see us but she got a big smile on her face when she recognized what she was looking at! It felt good to me also, to make an older person feel better! We “drove” on past my friends Star and Annette but their car was not there so we went through the Methodist Church parking lot, stopped and I gathered some fallen apples for Taboona and then we entered the main stream of traffic going east out of  Goldendale. We staid in between the curb and the traffic, but the mail boxes nor the traffic bothered her! I was impressed! We stopped at Les Schwab’s  Tire store and I asked about getting my tire fixed but Taboona did not like it there.  It was difficult to get back in the cart, she almost backed into a car, and then it looked like she was going to lie down on the pavement! I had to bend her head around so I could get in!

We went to Ekone Park and I unhitched her and staked her out with the heavy metal pin I had brought for this occasion! I realized I was very tired. I sat down and ate three boiled eggs, a half a bagel, salt and dried meat. Then had a dessert of dried pineapple and Brazil nuts!

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Horse Shoe Bend

July 31, 2012. I set up my tent, happy to be in my bug free zone. I missed hearing Taboona munching in the night but she was in the high canary and the horse tail and was doing very well on the rope now, so I trusted she would be OK for a while! The full moon was coming up big out of Swale canyon but I slept well and had an interesting dream that I could not recall.

08-01-2012. I got up at four am and started packing ;  When I brought Taboona over I noticed she had not gotten tangled up all night! I harnessed her up and hooked up the cart and we were on the road by six! The air was still cool and the morning stars were huge and bright!

A skunk crossed our path just as we started to climb the grade but it was not a bad omen, Taboona pulled the Horse Shoe Bend Grade and that was quite a feat for any horse, I was proud of her Mustang heritage! I made a rough estimate that she was literally pulling her own weight! That the fully loaded cart weighed as much as she did, about a thousand pounds!? We stopped to rest twice; she got warm but never broke a sweat…

It was beautiful,  coming up the canyon wall seeing Mt.Hood poke its head through and Mt Adams looming near by. I searched the rock faces for the “interesting “art work that Reed and Molly had told me about but saw nothing? There was no water in the creek like earlier in the year but on up the road there was a reservoir so I hauled her some water from there. When we got to the very top of the grade we rested in the shade of some pine trees and it looked like this might be the last shade for a while.

It is a very different world up here compared to the other side, the west side of the Klickitat. It is openspaces here and dryer.  We have left the fir trees to the draws that flow into the Little Klickitat; out here it’s the locust trees that seem to be the main survivors. After the second 90 degree turn and heading east now we pass a couple of well established ponds so my fear of no water has been quenched! We go a long ways until we pull into an old abandoned homestead and rest in the shade of some Locust trees.

I don’t think Taboona benefited much from the view but for me it was quit grand; Mt Rainer was framed between Mt Adams and Grey Back Mountain, and just to the right of that was a full view of the Goat Rocks and a full length view of the Simcoes. I pulled out my Metzger map and studied the place names and noticed where the old eel trail went through a pass between Kaiser Butte and Potato Butte.

I noticed the right side tire was going flat so I dug out my compressed air can of “fix a flat” and carefully followed the directions! It seemed to work! After an hour or so we press on. Because I did not walk this road but stuck to the trees when I hiked this route I did not take into account the many hills Taboona would have to pull, one after another! I realized this was a big mistake on my part and Taboona was the one to take the brunt of it! We rested again in an old orchard that needed more water and we got some grazing there. But Taboona wanted to “get somewhere” so we pressed on. It was really feeling like a forced march at this point. I had given her the last of our water a while back so I picked a farm to pull into and luckily found someone home; Dean. He was a nice guy and gave Taboona all she would drink. He said he had given up horses because he did not want to be tied down.

I was getting tired also and was kind of hoping he would offer us a place to camp for the rest of the day and night but it was not going to happen and I did not want to impose.

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Wahkiacus Park

July 31, 2012.

We crossed the Wahkiacus Bridge and pulled right into the Yakima Fisheries Station and tied up.  I started looking for Mike, but I found Shane (Reed’s friend) Shane looked around for Mike but he was not around. I told Shane my story and he thought it would be OK  for us to rest there. So I led her and the cart down to where the old Wahkiacus Park used to be and unhitched her under the shade of a large oak tree.

It was hot so I tied her under some cotton wood trees where there was plenty of grass. I brought her water because there was not real good access for her to drink directly out of the river. She drank less than a gallon and that let me know I was not shorting her on water. I was keeping her well hydrated! She had one kind of weepy eye where she might have scratched it in the night or maybe it was the change in feeds, as we moved along?

I purposely tied her where we could not see each other easily, because she really “works” me;  Acting fussy when ever she wants something, never giving me much rest! I could just make out her face through the leaves and I swear she stared over at me for almost two hours with kind of a curious look on her. I finely caved in and went over and talked to her and scratched her and then she started eating! I sensed a brief moment of horse affection there!

I soaked a quart of oats for her then had some lunch; hard boiled eggs with salt, pepperoni, beef jerky, left over oatmeal with cattail pollen with date sugar then I had an orange!

I relaxed in the shade then washed and dried then readjusted all her booties so they could be put on as loosely as possible so all I would have to do is drop the backs down to let out any build up of dust or grit without having to take the whole boot off. (Although I don’t think I had a problem like on Wahkiacus Heights  Road, for the rest of my travels)

It was hot down here in the canyon, but plenty of shade, and always a pleasure to be so near the river, running almost a green color from the melting glaciers on Mt Adams and the Goat Rocks! I took a bath in the river, not so far from someone fly fishing, dressed in a full suit of clothing? Perhaps all the clothing was for bug protection, I am not sure?

On the trail to the river I couldn’t help but notice an excessive use of toilet paper scattered around so I felt compelled to clean it up so I sharpened a stick and put all this in a bag and walked over to the Swale Canyon trail head, thinking there would be some garbage barrels there but no, guess I will have to figure something else out?

I scouted around there for what might be a better campsite but decided to stay where we were. So far I felt welcome. I fed Taboona her oats then hauled her some water. She drank about two gallons, clearly thirsty!

Something about this area that makes me wants to get moving on. I noticed this feeling  the last time I camped here, like this area is very intence very contested, maybe because of the Rails to Trails or simple because it is one of the few places on the river where there is another way out of the Canyon?  but I resisted, we need the rest. I do know there is a Gated Community just up Horse Shoe Bend Road, that Mike told me anyone there would probably turn me into the Sheriff!?

I took Taboona for a walk out into the open grass land in front of the Fisheries Office. She first ate dry grass seed heads then some chicory then she chomped down on some horse tail grass (the strait type) then she found the canary grass and seemed to like that the best. I tied her to a stout limb of an apple tree and rested under the tree for a while to see how she would do, tied up. She seemed OK, so I picked some green apples for her and went back to my camp. There seem to be a half a dozen deer that are also making there home here taking advantage of the thick brush and grass!

Reed and Molly drove up to visit me after they had worked all day so I cooked up some canned deer meat that I had been saving for the occasion. Reed said he was not too hungry as he had just caught three steelhead in the White Salmon!  We had some canned fruit and chocolate that Molly brought. I talked about my walk about: scouting a way to do what I was doing now! I enjoyed seeing them together. After our  sweet visit we said our good-byes and they drove back to their world.

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July 30, 2012. There was no water anywhere, that I knew of, out in this table land, except the place I named Kya’s creek where I ” hoped”  to find water.

By this time I was feeling sorry for Taboona and was walking and leading her  as she was weary of this deep dusty  road. When we finally came to the little creek that I thought would still have water in it, it was dry! But it was time to quit for the day so I tied her up and unhitched everything. I shared my water; one gallon for her and she quickly drank that! I was starting to worry and was considering sharing my soymilk with her. At least there was some grass here for her to munch on and I was very thankful for that. So I had a snack as I hadn’t eaten  for  six hours, or so. It was hot so I was taking a sun bath when a fancy new pickup drove off the road right into “our” meadow! It was a couple of fellows from the Hancock Forest Holdings; Wayne and Jim. I told them I knew Nate Puttman and they seemed to know me; they were friendly and liked my alternate form of transportation.

Before they left, they told me there was a spring and a pond about a mile down the draw so I was preparing to hike down there, then a few minuets I see them driving back! They said there was water just two hundred yards down the road!  I right away led Taboona down there and she drank her fill as she was thirsty! So I was glad we stopped where we did because there was no feed where there was water and here no water where there was feed! Later I filled up my plastic buckets with water and carried them back to camp. Then celebrated by having some cookies and soy milk!

I soaked one gallon of timothy hay cubes with one quart of rolled oats for Taboona, then set up my  tent, gave Taboona her feed and then crawled in, free from the insect world; that seems to control the minute surface of the earth! I was exhausted and slept for a couple of hours, got up moved her to a new spot then back in the tent waiting for the world of night!

I have had to spray Taboona’s underside and top line with bug dope once a day during the worst horse fly time, usually in the evening. Also she seems to be learning some of the basics like being more relaxed on the picket line and not getting tangled up so much which shortens her rope and robs her of her grazing area. She also gives her head more easily which allows me to stop her from an “early launch”!(taking off with out me!)

After dark the bugs came out with more vengeance and I had to move her to a more windy location but still with in sight. I slept pretty well. A couple of rigs  passed in the night. I think this was the first night so far that she did not get tangled up!

July 31 2012. I got up at five and heated up some tea water. There was a very heavy dew. I soaked her feed, packed up and tacked up and we were on the dusty road by seven!

She did not want to go, it was sad, we went a couple of miles with out the boots then I put them on and took them  off every half mile of so and cleaned them out. The last thing I wanted was to injure her in any way. It was cool in the shade but hot by the time we got near the canyon. We passed a large Black Angus bull but he did not charge or anything.  I think he was too hot, he just gave us a menacing look.

We had one more cattle guard gate but it was the easiest so far. All Taboona seemed to want to do was turn around and go back to Trout Lake. I felt bad because she was so unhappy on this dusty road in the middle of nowhere with out her friends.  We did make the Klickitat River by one pm, another six hour day and thank God for brakes! It is a long steep decent into the canyon!

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Deep Dust

Still July 30, 2012. For some reason she was not easy to handle this morning.  I know I forgot to  put her  wide band halter on when I staked her out last night. As her “parrelli” rope halter is our only “bit”, our only “brakes”! She also kept pulling to the left so my right arm and hand got tired. I had to stop for water (at the old hot tube spring) where Keith said the water was good. She did not want to stop and she wanted to leave with out me! But climbing Fisher Hill was helpful; seem to get her mind off the problems she was having. I suppose that was; pulling me and my cart across the country!

I was hoping we would lose the dump truck brigade when we turned up Fisher Hill but no such luck! However the weather was perfect for travel not  hot with a cool breeze!  We took a good rest at the top and I fed her some more soaked timothy hay cubes.

I had left over canned pineapple and half an apple for breakfast, Taboona gets the other half. While Taboona rests I do some stretching, off the back of the cart and this took some  weight off her back. For some reason my right knee felt stiff and my left (previously injured)  was hurting at home but now feels better, I hope this is all manifestations of too much coffee and now with out that, I will feel better?

After walking this same route in early June I must say it is interesting now to see this same country through the eyes of a horse! Everything that is unusual to her she is cautious of!

As we move along now I notice that Taboona has all the dump truck drivers trained. They all slow down now, both coming and going! Also to the credit of Klickitat County they seem to be non polluting; no black diesel smoke, no awful fumes!?

We stopped at the old homestead where I had camped in June but the access was very sketchy and the seeds heads were scary thick! So we pressed on and came to another cattle guard at the start of the Wahkiacus Heights Road!

I pulled her and the cart down by the gate and managed to open it and it was anything but safe to try to go through it from the angle I was presently at, so I took her up on the road again and then down through the gate, it was an ordeal but we made it! These gates are very seldom used, so they are not user friendly!

Once we got on Wahkiacus Hieghts  road, I have to say it was nothing like it was when I walked it in June! It was six inches of gritty dust or deeper! And there were active log trucks using the road! We passed another cattle guard but the gate was easier and we rested there in the shade. Several log trucks passed and the dust clouds were horrendous! I was wondering how we were ever going to survive a complete black out that these trucks created? What seemed like the last log truck passed and he slowed down real kindly for us so we headed out.

Every mile or so I had to take her boots off and clean out the grit that was building up in the hair on her hoof bulbs where the back strap holds the boot on. This is one of the problems with boots, but usually I don’t ride in deep dry sand or gritty dust. I put a few miles on bare foot but I had just trimmed her and she was a little too tender footed to handle much bare foot time! I usually do not trim her until she is tender but I got involved in a hoof trimming experiment,  that back fired on me!

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the world of bugs

There was no way I would light a fire for any reason in this country at this time of year( and it seemed especially dry this year) but Keith said I could use my white gas stove if I was careful  so I was grateful for that and a place to camp ,off the road. I learned also that this was where the Kreps Ranch cut their canary grass hay. Hay that some times we would buy from them!

I was too tired to set up my new tent but several hours later before the moon set, I had too! The mosquitoes were not letting me sleep! It was sure nice to have a stove along on this trip but I think I was a little overzealous; I cooked up a can of chili and a can of soup and ate it all. It was a little too much for me but I have abused my self worse on the camp food, learning curve!

For the rest of the trip my tent was a real blessing, a respite from the world of bugs and small things that creep in the warm nights!

July 30, 2012. I got up before sunrise. Taboona is not yet great on the picket line and keeps getting tangled up but at least no rope burns! She has my big cotton rope nearly worn through in one place. I have been soaking her timothy hay cubes in water and give her about a gallon of this when I tack her up and last night I gave her a quart of oats and she really enjoys these treats!

I am feeling better this morning.   We broke camp and were on the road, the paved road now by 9 am, but my  timing seems to be off!  Because now we are smack dab in the middle of several county trucks coming and going! These dump trucks were scary for us and maybe a good lesson but when we got on the gravel part of this road and their water truck came at us full speed spreading water over our side of the road I was sure this was going to be a major “train wreck!” Thank God the driver had the wear with all to cut off his water when he passed us, I just knew Taboona would have gone ‘berserk” and somebody would have got hurt or killed, me or her or both of us!

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No Gate !? No Hunting

July 29, 2012. After my return to Trout Lake from the Oregon Country Fair I spent a few days organizing and added an under slung “tool Box” to my cart.  This time I brought a colman white gas stove (an oldie I totally rebuilt for the occasion). With one cross County trips under my belt now and trying to be prepared for any circumstance,  I estimate  the cart weighs as much as Taboona weighs, about 1000 pounds! We leave TroutLake around 9 am.

My plan for this trip is to retrace the route I explored this Spring.  I have chosen Movement as my temporary answer to what ever domestic issues I have in my life todate.  I know from experience there is no running away from my problems. But Time does have a way of healing the Soul. Nina tied up the dogs and off we went!

Taboona did great until we got to the   pasture where Sundance, her favorite buddy, was, and from then on she just wanted to go back home! I know it is her way to take care of herself, her default button!

She pulled the long grade out of the Valley, She is very strong and seems to like to pull, it givers her  focus! We turned on to the TroutLake / Laurel Road and it was pretty much down hill all the way. Only one car passed us when we were taking a break along the creek near Laurel.

I was feeling a little depressed; thinking about myself, Nina and Kya  and  our struggles as a family unit.   Our friends Vicki and Kevin who were staying  in the Yurt, didn’t  even want to pick up the road kill deer I saw on my way out of the Valley. What was this world coming to, all that venison going to the coyotes? So there is fortunately nothing to do but keep on keeping on and tending to the present situation at hand; me, Taboona and our Cart!

The weather was turning hot but nothing like the hot I experienced on my first cross County trip! Now that was HOT; 100+ every day!

Just a little ways past Laurel on Krepps Lane we encountered a Black Bear moseying down the road toward us! My mind was racing back and forth on what to do, I watched Taboona and here ears were perked and pointed at the bear but she just kept moving forward so I went with her decision. Pretty soon the bear spotted us and ran away carefully retracing its steps. That was a relief but it was fun to see the bear very confidently strolling down the road obviously knowing it rated high on the food chain!

Then four dogs that were harassing ground squirrels in an old slash pile dropped that venture and came over to visit us, then just as I suspected their people showed up and called them back. They came up on horses riding bare back then quickly disappeared into the woods and fields.

Then not much farther down the road I came to the last farm in Laurel and the whole family, it seems, were standing in the road. Taboona stopped and seem to enjoy the people and the rest. The father asked me if I had seen his daughter on my way up and I said I saw a couple of people riding horses and bare back at that. Yea he said that was his oldest daughter and she could ride anything! It turned out they were waiting for her so they could all go to town together. We had a good visit and they had lots of questions about my cart and my adventure and I learned that camping on the wildlife refuge was forbidden! And one of his younger daughters suggested I start a blog and record my adventures! (Imagine that!)

Taboona seem to not want to leave there and I must say it is a beautiful place with lush pastures, a horse’s dream. She was very “doggie” (slow) but we kept plugging along down Krepps Lane. After a mile or so we came to a cattle guard, one that I did not remember when I scouted this route on foot the fifth of June, and as we approached I could not tell if there was a gate on the side as there should be. Even after we stopped and I tied her up I could not tell if we could get through. Some bad thoughts of how far we would have to go back, started to enter my brain! Then I saw that in stead of a gate there was a heavy panel, I could open. It was not made to be opened much, it was heavy but I got it opened. But our inconvenience was not over! Just opposite the opening was a large pile of dirt/gravel! So I took her half way up the dirt pile so the cart would clear the edge of the cattle guard and the cart nearly tipped over but luckily it did not! A horse with out a cart would have been no problem.

So I put that panel back and we went a little ways farther then I noticed some gates on the left (north) side of the lane with a curled up no hunting sign. Well at this time the only thing we were hunting was a place to camp for the night so we went in there and I found a likely spot but Taboona did not like it so we went to where she liked it and I unhitched for the evening. I have to admit she picked a better spot with a nice breeze to keep the bugs off and better shade!

We were just starting to relax there when someone drove in with a large piece of equipment. So much for piece and quiet. A fellow names Chris came and talked to me, he seemed a little worried. Then another rig pulled up and  Keith Krepps came up and talked to me he seemed happy to see me and we had a good visit, he said I was not getting very far and I countered with; well I got this far! I meant that and he got a good laugh out of it. But I think he got the fact that it was no small feat going by horse and cart when you have spent most of your life driving  in a car!

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Trout Lake

July  11, 2012. I walked to the Glenwood store and café and had breakfast of biscuits and gravy for under 2 dollars and listened to a conversation between loggers and farmers that you might say was “priceless”!

Anyway, back on the road again; I had to keep fussing with the temporary taped on rear booties and lost one every 10 miles or so but now I was armed with new duct tape and insect repellent  purchased at the Glennwood general store, so we headed for TroutLake the final leg of this journey! Again it was hotter that a “pistol.”  When we passed the Glenwood Rodeo Grounds, it was locked, so finding feed for Taboona would have been very unlikely! So once again I felt very blessed, that Jerry, Taboona’s new friend, let us camp at his place!

About 7 miles from Trout Lake,  Taboona figured out where we were and despite the 100 plus, degree weather we were now making 3 miles an hour instead of 2! Because now she was personally motivated!

There were a lot of bicyclists passing us and about 5 miles from TroutLake we stopped to rest and that must have been where we lost one of the taped on booties! I even drove back later but found no trace of it!

When we finally got down to the Valley proper and were on the Home stretch a large cannon sprinkler that was spreading liquid cow manure on the field off to our right totally freaked Taboona out! She took off at a dead run, out of control (except side to side) for the first time in 75 miles! Being a mustang she never goes completely ballistic and calmed down in about 100 feet. In two more miles we were home where I have lived for the past 25 years and I was happy to be there. Taboona was happy to be back with Sundance, Juniper, Myra and Lady, but mostly Sundance, Nina’s horses!

I did my very best all along on this trip to maintain Taboona like the performance horse that she is and I sincerely knew we could have geared up and been ready to head out the next day! And when we got to TroutLake her new boots, for her rear feet, had arrived in the mail and were waiting for us!

But I had a different mission so I rested for two days, then drove my old car to the Oregon Country Fair near Eugene and helped out at the Archaeological Park with old friends that I have been collecting  through  years  from attending   many an  awesome   Primitive skills Gathering!

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July 10, 2012. After the usual couple of hours it takes to completely rig her up including the boots and Cart, we left Liedle Park about 10 am. And the horse flies followed us for the next 9 miles! Taboona was tossing her head trying her best to avoid being bitten by these monster bugs! She really hates bugs! I tried to swat some of them with my buggy whip to no avail! We slogged along this way; me feeling helpless, until we reached the first crossing of Outlet Creek, a small park where a picnic table sits, with a support system made of rail road rails! The wooden table top and benches being replaced from time to time!

I cut canary grass for Taboona and did my best to cool her off with the available water then we headed on into Glenwood and tied up across from the General Store. We were almost immediately surrounded by young people, asking me a lot of appropriate questions, I felt like I was being interviewed for the Glenwood school paper! When I told them about my “abandoned horse” story and what happened in Goldendale they were as shocked as I was!

I was impressed with the variety of stuff this little store stocked! I bought some bug repellent and duct tape and some healthy food for myself. Karen, who ran the store that day was friendly and a woman from out of state wanted to take pictures of my horse and cart, while I was driving, so I let her.

When I was heading out of town toward Trout Lake I was feeling pretty weary. We got about a half mile from town and a man stopped in his diesel pick up but I couldn’t hear him above the sound of his engine so I asked him if he would shut off his engine. So he did and he asked me where I was planning to spend the night. I told him I was not sure

but I was thinking about checking out the Rodeo Grounds. He invited me to stay at his place where there was a corral for Taboona. Well it didn’t take me too long to take him up on his offer. So we turned around and headed back to Glenwood and camped at Jerry’s Place!

He said my horse looked pretty tired. And I could tell by his demeanor and the packer boots he was wearing that he had spent sometime with horses! He said he had packed in the Wallows and The Goat Rocks. He said he had grown up in the old white house that was there but now he had a different place. He also offered his pasture where a couple of his retired horses were grazing but I declined and put her in his corral where there was plenty of feed… Taboona seemed not to really appreciate this as much as I did; I think her lack of sleep keeps her “edgy” I packed her water from the irrigation ditch. And there was a nice breeze blowing to keep the bugs down and I was ever so thankful for Jerry’s hospitality! When I looked up I saw Jerry had a wind vein made in the image; of a man on horse back leading a string of pack horses! I thought yep this man really did “see” Taboona and registered her condition; he didn’t stay and visit, just smiled and drove off.

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