Huckleberry Farewell

August 31st, 2012.  Because this was a Thursday and there was some rumor that my men’s group might try to meet with us by the Mill Pond, just for fun Caitlin dressed up in my clothes so she would be disguised as a man! Caitlin turns into JackThat  got a good laugh out of me and we got some pictures to verify this great impersonation, but none of the other men showed up!

September 1, 2012. I slept well and Taboona has maintained her mastery of the picket line so that helps me rest better and longer! We skipped breakfast and headed into Glenwood, stopped at the store had breakfast there and I stocked up on some fresh foods!  We made a brief stop at Jerry’s place; I wanted to show Caitlin where we had, first class, hospitality and horse accommodations the last time we went through Glenwood!

From there we headed on down the black top towards our final destination. We took one interesting back road just before the Wild Life Refuge but it popped right back out onto the high way after about a mile. We stopped every couple of hours for a rest. Seemed like Taboona was almost frantic to get back to TroutLake! We pulled into Felt Hollow at 3 pm, unhitched and put Taboona in the barn; she rolled in the sand and stayed on her back a long time scratching!

We spent one night at my home then Kya (my daughter) and Caitlin drove my old car up to the Huckleberry fields near Steam Boat Lake we met some other friends there; Rick and Family and Star and Annette from Goldendale.

We try to meet every year and pick berries together and have a good time being in the mountains again! Caitlin returned with Star and Annette and Kya and I stayed another two days picking Huckleberries with Rick and Family!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about our adventures. I am ending this blog here. It was a great adventure for me! I thank Caitlin for setting up this blog site for me and launching me more into the modern world!

For me to be able to spend so much, one on one time, with a wild horse, a Mustang from central Oregon,  a  captured member of the Stinking water Mountain Herd. I feel much honored and if I could speak for Taboona and what she thinks I know about horses and whether she had as much fun as I did, I am sure she would say; that I had the Cart before the Horse!


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