Wish I was You

down into the canyon at sunsetAugust 29, 2012. We left about 8:30 in the morning. We took Fairgrounds Road, past the airport then Knight Road then Fish Hatchery Road, crossed Hill Road then onto Beebe Road then onto Winterstein Road then Calvert Road to the intersection of 142. We took Garrison Road to Counts Road   then onto the Glenwood hwy!

This was a really great way to cross a big part of the County and kept us off the main hwy and out of a lot of traffic!      It seemed like the country side was deserted, probably most everybody worked in town?  We made a couple of short stops and met a man on Counts Road that talked about his logging experience and how he had bought a place in British Columbia and could hardly wait to get there but still needed to work for a few more years. Talked about how he was logging the same ground now in some places for the third time! He seemed a little weary of his life but who really knows? We do what we think we have too.

We passed my friend, Jan Aslyn’s place and just kept going toward the Canyon. There were no log trucks and that was a blessing! I didn’t heed that little voice that told me to stop and stock up on water, so when we got to the Breaks overlooking the Klickitat Canyon where I wanted to camp, for the night, we could not, so  instead we unhitched and took a break. We had to make LydlePark before dark so we allowed ourselves a two hour break. We did try some horse acrobatic while we waited and Caitlin showed me some very “cool” horse stretches, Something Taboona seemed to enjoy!

By this time we were a seasoned team and we got Taboona all hitched in about a half hour! That was a record! It was 6:30 pm when we pulled out and there was a beautiful moon rise and still plenty of days light, we thought.  It was on this decent into the KlickitatCanyon where Caitlin took the photo of our shadow on the rock cut bank, the photo I use on my Business  Card!  Taboona was a lot more relaxed on this trip than our last trip into this Canyon. I was impressed and as we got closer she knew where we were going and picked up the pace!  Caitlin and I also had a conversation (and recorded it) of where we were going to bury me, when I finally reach the “end of my rope” so I pointed out the spot and the side of the Canyon where I thought it would be. A place that would be half way between TroutLake and Goldendale!

It was getting dark enough to turn on running light, if we had them and we were still three miles from our camp when a County Sheriff pulled up behind us.  I said to Caitlin that we were probably in for it now! The Sheriff pulled up along side of us and rolled down his window and said, “That is the coolest thing I have ever seen” and wished us a good evening! Well that was a relief, some how life was a little fuller now!  Right about dark we pulled into Lydle Park and a pick up truck  was pulling out. A man got out, he was smiling so we stopped and he said, “You guys really get around with that thing, the last time I saw you were on the other side of Goldendale on Fenton Lane!” We visited a little more then found our camp. But we did enjoy the fact that we were making other people happy as we went along. That made us feel even better about what we were doing for fun anyway!

We camped in the same spot we camped the last trip and had a good camp, I cooked up some supper and later played the dulcimer, we were tired but making some good time considering!  I slept pretty well but woke up very early to check on Taboona. She was getting so good on the picket line that she survived a potential disaster in the night. I tied her up so she could get to some new feed but the bushes were so thick I did not see the old sheep fence and coiled up barbed wire. Taboona had crossed all this mess several times in the night but did not get tangled up or get a single cut. I knew this was not dumb luck: she was paying attention to her feet and the location of her tether line! I moved her immediately! I don’t sleep well on these trips and I don’t think Taboona does either. This kind of travel is not unlike traveling in a boat, someone has to be on watch!

August 31, 2012. We left LydlePark at 10:30 am. We tanked up on water from a spring I noticed the last time I came through here. It was good water! And I have to relate that having several different size plastic buckets have made getting water possible on numerous occasions where a 4 or 5 gallon bucket simply would not fit into the small spring or seep!

As we were pulling out of the Canyon going up the steepest part of the hill a pick up truck, with a man and woman in it, stopped, we stopped. The man looked right at Caitlin and said; “I wish I was you, that looks like so much fun.” I thought that was a pretty strong statement but I realize the horse is still very alive in our collective consciousness and is not about to fade away anytime soon!

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