Rare Occasions

On the road againAugust 31, 2012. We were on the strait stretch and a gentle climb, so I got comfortable and lay down in the cart on my back with my feet up and I was leisurely telling my story (talking into the a voice recorder) of my walking adventure, of this spring. Caitlin was driving. I was completely involved in my task; my mind was also there in the recent past! Another log truck passed and Taboona headed off the road, fortunately there was a small road for her escape!

After that I realized this was not a time for me to relax and from then on Taboona could not handle any more logs trucks. Because she had done so well before I knew this was not really about log trucks but this was the only way she could really get through to us, that she was not happy! I was the stubborn one here and decided the next time a log truck approached, I would stop her and tie her head around in a tight bend, like I had to do on rare occasions when she would not wait for me to get in the cart. So I did that and turned her head toward the road, not away from the road (which may have been better?)  I also had Caitlin get out and hold a lead rope off to the ditch side, just in case.

By this time the log truck driver was aware that we were having a struggle so he had slowed way down, but when he passed Taboona’s eye she freaked! She reared up and would have gone over back wards if the cart had not been too heavy for her to lift, all the way over. I let go of her head and as soon as she came down she started backing and I was too shell shocked to apply the breaks! The log truck had really slowed down and we almost backed right into him, we missed a collision by inches. I then put the brakes on and got her straitened out!  So, OK Taboona was winning, she was now training me. I started to pay attention now. Caitlin let me know in a kind way that tying her head around was not the best training method in this case.

I think what Taboona was needing was more rest; I think we were demanding too much of one horse. Our cart looked like we were escaping the Dust Bowl with everything we owned, well sort of!

So these were her rules; we must stop for every on coming log trucks, when that satisfied her, she demanded we stop for every oncoming vehicle or motor cycle or group of motorcycles!

We gladly went along with her plan, she was willing to risk her life for it and ours as well, so we gladly obliged! There were also some very positive attributes to her plan, for everyone concerned. We noticed when we stopped, that more often than not the oncoming traffic also stopped! So we got to visit with people and Taboona liked that!

One of my favorite lines; a man stopped and looked us over and I could see he wanted to say something so he finely blurted out: “I see you have been shopping.” Caitlin and I got a lot of mileage out of some of these comments! It was kind of true we had pretty things tied all over the cart, not to mention two people and all their gear!

We took our time and fortunately there was not a lot of traffic. We eventually made it to the Mill Pond. We decide to camp here despite the no trespassing, to camping sighs that were popping up all over on account of the extreme fire danger!

We did our best to keep a low profile, the pond was great for swimming but there was no real good place for Taboona to access, so she did not get to swim, she did however have access to some green grass!

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