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August 28, 2012. Caitlin, Taboona and I got up at 4:30 and left the Ranch at 7:30 am. Taking my usual route; Old Mountain, Badger Gulch, Woodland  Roads to Bickleton Hwy, then South on Fenton Lane then Number 4 Road then to East Collins. There was a cool West wind blowing when we got onto #4 road blowing as steady as a Trade wind. We took a long break at someone’s corral, everything feeling very dry and dusty. Each time we stopped there seemed to be some unique “treasure” however small, that Caitlin cleverly pieced into a work of art that we both agreed beautified the Cart. We nick named this; “add to cart!”

When we got to the overpass on Hwy 97, things suddenly got very interesting; the wind provided a wildly flapping (large) American Flag, vibrating political signs and horizontal real estate signs all basically in one place. This seemed to get Taboona pretty wound up for starters. Then some people simply stopped their cars and gawked at us .There were screaming girls an aggressive pit bull dog slamming itself against a fence hoping to attack us, an ambulance screaming by us and two tipped over garbage cans rolling back and forth in the wind!

In spit of all this activity Taboona was hanging in there. When we finally got a chance to cross the main drag, Columbus Ave. Taboona did a “two step” around a shiny man hole cover rocking the cart as we continued to roll down Collins Street to our friend Jessie’s.

      Caitlin was nearly in tears from this amazing comedy of happenstance! She was inspired to write a song about It.!  At Jessie’s things were rather sobering and even bleak so we did not stay long. After a drink of water for Taboona we passed most of the town 

and camped in a spot I discovered last week when I was at the fair grounds. We were along the Little Klickitat River on some unfenced land where I felt compelled to pick up a  lot garbage that other people had left… Places like this are so special to people like us, that travel by actual horse power!

!!! Rolling down # 4, Until we got to Jessie’s door,

We watered down that Pony and headed right down Mill Street.

There was a pit bull and an Ambulance.

We were going down East Collins in our very own Float!

There were screaming Girls and Gawker’s too

.    Going down East Collins doing the Man Hole Two Step Boogaloo!

Stopped down by the Klickitat, Had to pick up everybody’s trash.

Didn’t know what to do with my self, think I am going to Crash!

Camped under the Cottonwoods and tied my horse up to an Elderberry Tree,

Wishing this land was “free” for you and me!!!

By Caitlin Jones                            Composed; August 28, 2012

It took us eight hours from the time we left Ekone Ranch to our camp on the edge of Goldendale. That is pretty good time, considering!

I invited a coupe of friends over (Stare and Annette) they rode in on their bicycles and brought us some snacks and we did our best to visit but I think we were ready for a rest. There was a nice pool in the river here and I took a bath. The wind died down after dark, no one bothered us and I actually got some sleep! In the morning a car drove in but left right away. This was a really nice place and I feel so lucky to have been able to camp here and be surrounded by nature so close to town and feel relatively safe!

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