Ask the Wind

August 19, 2012. Taboona and I headed out and soon passed our favorate sighns!  Along Rodgers Road these  legitimate signs that actually say; “Feel Free to Hunt Here”! Wow and it is nice land that has been planted in some native vegetation like sage brush and Juniper trees. And the grass is high and there are deer moving around and signs of water! I would like to think that this is the start of some big change in private land holdings and some kind of interfacing with the “have’s and the have not’s” ! Quite a different  story from the usual, No Trespassing,  You will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and other forms of No!

This is wind mill country; they dominate the southern sky line. I was thinking as we plugged along how;  people make money off the wind but does anyone pay the wind for its efforts? Is the wind interested in supporting hair dryers and keeping cities lit up all night? Has any one thought to ask the wind? Why do I think that this hasn’t occurred to most people?

We crossed Fenton Lane on to Saxton Bane and now I realized we were not going to make Ekone Ranch, tonight. The farther we went on Saxton Bane the more interesting the landscape was. We stopped for a rest when we got to Oak Flat Road. It was here I met a young man named Isaac Lewis, who had known Ray and we had some interesting things in common. I mentioned how I had talked to a fellow named Kenny Marvell, a veritable historian of this area! A man who was mentioned to me, by the old timers in Bickleton.  We talked about my and Ray’s idea of a Cross County Trail and the old Ell Trail that Kenny mentioned. Isaac mentioned that his brother was doing a documentary film on the old Ell trail! Well all this was very exciting to me and I asked Isaac if we could continue our conversation at a later date. So that was our plan. I started to get some enthusiasm about getting as many people together as I could find, who were interested in a cross County trail!

Isaac gave me his business card and drove off to his home and Taboona and I kept going East now on Oak Flat Road. We were going mostly down hill now but just before the bottom we pulled into a small gravel pit. I tied her to a rock and took a rest. I had sent Rick a text giving our location and to my surprise he found us! He checked out the possibility of camping for the night at the bottom of the draw and then went back to his home and made us a couple of roast beef sandwiches!

Taboona and I went to the bottom and realize that camping was not probably going to get any better for the night so we made the best use of this wide spot in the road. Rick thought we would be alright and no one would even drive by all night.

There was water in the draw and there was a deep pool below the bridge so I slipped in and took a bath. This water was cold and tasted very good too. I packed some up for Taboona and she demanded more and would not drink the spare water we had got from a pond, earlier! She kept pointing her nose to the creek and basically told me to get some more of the good water!

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