Rodgers Road

I spent several days a Ekone Ranch and played a major role in their Wilderness Camp teaching Primitive  Skills but after that I was looking for something to do that suited me and my horse and cart. In other words I wanted to hit the road again so I decided to make a trip into Goldendale  and visit their  Saturday Market!

August 18,  2012.  Got up at 3:30 am and got Taboona hooked up,  I had to do this mostly by feel in the dark,  by 5 am there was a hint of light so we took off.  At old Mountain Road we took a right (North) and eventually headed West, we went out near Munson Prairie then took a little used road to the SW and went along this until it intersected a well used gravel road, then we took a left and eventually ended up, down on Woodland Road. This took about two hours. Now it was beginning to get hot and I was glad I filled up a five gallon container at a spring along Old Mt. Road!

I text  my friend Rick (a long time Local) and he came along shortly there after with some snacks and some good stories, as always. He said he would catch up to me later. So when we got out to Bickleton Hwy we got off as soon as possible onto Fenton Road heading south now. From Fenton we took a right onto Rodgers  Road this was our favorite kind of road small and seldom used! And along this road, for the first time ever, so far in my life, I saw a sign that said; “Feel Free to Hunt Here” Wow and some very nice land at that!

We had to turn left  on Willis Road then right  on No 4  Road which turned into East Collins. A mile or so before town,  Rick  found us and we took a break. Rick went out ahead and scouted the streets that would lead us most directly to the Market and that was helpful! We finally got to the Market at 1 pm and the Market closed at two! I should have left a day earlier! Even though I had made a major  miscalculation  I made my best effort the last hour of the Market to meet people and made some new friends and talked to some old friends and got to understand the protocol of the marketers.

After the Market, Rick sussed out the back way to the other park, which was a big help! I unhitched Taboona. Rick and I played a few tunes together. Then he left and found some white gas  for my stove and then went off with his piano player to their band practice  and I took a well deserved bath in the river. I changed my clothes, fixed up some dinner did my horse chores, set up my tent and got some sleep in between waking up and checking on Taboona.  She is now expert on the tether rope and I still get a kick out of watching her scratch her belly on the grass and how quick she can go from lying down to being on all fours!

August 19, 2012.  I got up early and prepared to leave town.  A  couple of young men walked by with their fishing poles and  alcohol on their breath. We conversed some and they told me of a couple of other places I could camp where the cops would not bother me and where they sometimes had wild and big parties. I was not without relief when they continued on there way to where ever!

A young woman pulled into the park and let loose her two dogs that immediately started to attack Taboona. I watched closely as she ran at full speed from one end of her rope to the other and at the same time getting some good defensive kicks in!

! Fortunately this was short lived as the woman called Cynthia got her dogs under control and apologized profusely to me.  No one was hurt and I was super impressed with Taboona’s  composure under stress! Cynthia  mentioned; she had spent sometime with Ray out at Ekone Ranch during the ‘70’

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