Pointing East

August 7, 2012. I moved Taboona out where the tallest grass was but she just stood there in the sun, so I moved her back into the shade. Then I took her to water but she was not thirsty and that was good.  I also noticed; she is always very cautious near running water like the wild animal that she is ( a mustang) she know’s the  danger associated with water. That this could be a place to be ambushed or maybe she was captured by the BLM at a watering hole?

A woman named Pamela drove into the park and visited with me, she told me about her favorite horse “Blondie” and how she had moved her to Arizona but she developed a cough and had to move her to a better, less dry place. I  could tell that the time when she had her horse, had meant a lot to her!

A friend of mine, Rollean showed up and we had a  visit. He told me he had changed his last name. I thought he probably did the right thing.  He sees great importance in changing his name!

My horse finally seemed to settle down and seemed more at ease. So I moved her out to the tall grass. I noticed she kept facing east and looking intently in that direction with her head raised high. I think she has put two and two together and realizes she is getting nearer to her old buddies out at Ekone Ranch! She has also figured out a good way to scratch her belly; she lies on her belly and then pulls herself foreword and back with her front feet. It is a very clever move and it obviously gives her a lot of satisfaction!

I got a pretty good nights rest and no one bothered us.

August 8, 2012. I got up at five am and made a breakfast of oat meal. Then I pooped in a bag and packed it out of the park. We left Goldendale at seven and Taboona really stepped out!  I was feeling pretty tired so I stopped along Badger Gulch road and made some green tea. We got to Ekone Ranch in five and a half hours and there is quit an elevation gain in the process!

My daughter Kya was participating at one of Ekone Ranch’s horse camps and was glad to see me and I was glad to be there! I unhitched under some big oaks, staked Taboona out and took a nap.  I had lunch with everyone at the “Yummy Tummy” Cafe. Then took another nap, then I felt more refreshed! After six days on the road this was like coming home!

There was also an amazing dinner, the likes of a Thanksgiving meal that Chris cooked up, and then there was a story telling time where all the kids told a story. I told the story of how the green haired girl almost stole my horse!


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