Beyond Tired

August 1, 2012. There was  no place to really rest and find feed along here, most of the land is fenced but we did finely find some good feed  but it was mostly alfalfa and I knew she was not used to that so I held her back. We stopped four times in the last three miles. We were both getting exhausted and it was hot but the wind was a redeeming factor and helped us stay cooler! We just kept on slow and crazy like. Taboona was beyond tired and I was getting bleary when I suddenly thought about my friend African John! I knew he lived out her somewhere but I couldn’t  remember just where! I remember I was there two years ago at his annual party and we were sitting on a flat shed roof facing the NW, so I kept studying all the farm houses to the SE, finally I spotted it!! I was immensely relived; the thought of having to go all the way to town another four miles, was just too much!

We turned on his road, and then into his drive way. John was extremely generous to us, it was as if we had planned this and he was waiting our arrival!! John’s daughter Latisha brought Taboona carrots and a raw corn on the cob, and then I staked Taboona out where there was grass and alfalfa growing.. even a young neighbor boy was excited to have a horse tied up near by!  John fed me lamb, corn on the cob and a shrimp salad! Later on I slept in the house on a firm couch and thanks to my pad and my thin cotton pharaoh I slept pretty well in the heat. I got up in the middle of the night and moved Taboona and gave her water. I was glad I had loaded up on water because John had run out, his well had dried up!

August 2, 2012. I moved her again in the morning. After one of John’s famous breakfasts of coffee, eggs, and zucchini squash we packed up and hit the road. It felt good to get going again and Taboona seemed very “amped” up, probably from the alfalfa, of which she seldom ever gets!

We went right to Jessie’s place where I met his sister and their daughter, Cheyenne who liked horses. Jessie drove me down town and I did some shopping then he gave me a ride back. It seemed like grand central station there, (but with that who needs a TV,) so we headed out down Klickitat Street.

A woman came out of her house and asked me to stop but I just kept moving then she asked me again, then again so I slowed down and asked her why? She said her mother was ill and she thought we might cheer her up. With that I turned around and stopped right in front of her house. Then she asked if I could turn just a little so her mother could get a better view, so we turned. She said her mother was 95 years old. After quite sometime she came out and thanked me, she said it took her mother a while to see us but she got a big smile on her face when she recognized what she was looking at! It felt good to me also, to make an older person feel better! We “drove” on past my friends Star and Annette but their car was not there so we went through the Methodist Church parking lot, stopped and I gathered some fallen apples for Taboona and then we entered the main stream of traffic going east out of  Goldendale. We staid in between the curb and the traffic, but the mail boxes nor the traffic bothered her! I was impressed! We stopped at Les Schwab’s  Tire store and I asked about getting my tire fixed but Taboona did not like it there.  It was difficult to get back in the cart, she almost backed into a car, and then it looked like she was going to lie down on the pavement! I had to bend her head around so I could get in!

We went to Ekone Park and I unhitched her and staked her out with the heavy metal pin I had brought for this occasion! I realized I was very tired. I sat down and ate three boiled eggs, a half a bagel, salt and dried meat. Then had a dessert of dried pineapple and Brazil nuts!

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