July 30, 2012. There was no water anywhere, that I knew of, out in this table land, except the place I named Kya’s creek where I ” hoped”  to find water.

By this time I was feeling sorry for Taboona and was walking and leading her  as she was weary of this deep dusty  road. When we finally came to the little creek that I thought would still have water in it, it was dry! But it was time to quit for the day so I tied her up and unhitched everything. I shared my water; one gallon for her and she quickly drank that! I was starting to worry and was considering sharing my soymilk with her. At least there was some grass here for her to munch on and I was very thankful for that. So I had a snack as I hadn’t eaten  for  six hours, or so. It was hot so I was taking a sun bath when a fancy new pickup drove off the road right into “our” meadow! It was a couple of fellows from the Hancock Forest Holdings; Wayne and Jim. I told them I knew Nate Puttman and they seemed to know me; they were friendly and liked my alternate form of transportation.

Before they left, they told me there was a spring and a pond about a mile down the draw so I was preparing to hike down there, then a few minuets I see them driving back! They said there was water just two hundred yards down the road!  I right away led Taboona down there and she drank her fill as she was thirsty! So I was glad we stopped where we did because there was no feed where there was water and here no water where there was feed! Later I filled up my plastic buckets with water and carried them back to camp. Then celebrated by having some cookies and soy milk!

I soaked one gallon of timothy hay cubes with one quart of rolled oats for Taboona, then set up my  tent, gave Taboona her feed and then crawled in, free from the insect world; that seems to control the minute surface of the earth! I was exhausted and slept for a couple of hours, got up moved her to a new spot then back in the tent waiting for the world of night!

I have had to spray Taboona’s underside and top line with bug dope once a day during the worst horse fly time, usually in the evening. Also she seems to be learning some of the basics like being more relaxed on the picket line and not getting tangled up so much which shortens her rope and robs her of her grazing area. She also gives her head more easily which allows me to stop her from an “early launch”!(taking off with out me!)

After dark the bugs came out with more vengeance and I had to move her to a more windy location but still with in sight. I slept pretty well. A couple of rigs  passed in the night. I think this was the first night so far that she did not get tangled up!

July 31 2012. I got up at five and heated up some tea water. There was a very heavy dew. I soaked her feed, packed up and tacked up and we were on the dusty road by seven!

She did not want to go, it was sad, we went a couple of miles with out the boots then I put them on and took them  off every half mile of so and cleaned them out. The last thing I wanted was to injure her in any way. It was cool in the shade but hot by the time we got near the canyon. We passed a large Black Angus bull but he did not charge or anything.  I think he was too hot, he just gave us a menacing look.

We had one more cattle guard gate but it was the easiest so far. All Taboona seemed to want to do was turn around and go back to Trout Lake. I felt bad because she was so unhappy on this dusty road in the middle of nowhere with out her friends.  We did make the Klickitat River by one pm, another six hour day and thank God for brakes! It is a long steep decent into the canyon!

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