the world of bugs

There was no way I would light a fire for any reason in this country at this time of year( and it seemed especially dry this year) but Keith said I could use my white gas stove if I was careful  so I was grateful for that and a place to camp ,off the road. I learned also that this was where the Kreps Ranch cut their canary grass hay. Hay that some times we would buy from them!

I was too tired to set up my new tent but several hours later before the moon set, I had too! The mosquitoes were not letting me sleep! It was sure nice to have a stove along on this trip but I think I was a little overzealous; I cooked up a can of chili and a can of soup and ate it all. It was a little too much for me but I have abused my self worse on the camp food, learning curve!

For the rest of the trip my tent was a real blessing, a respite from the world of bugs and small things that creep in the warm nights!

July 30, 2012. I got up before sunrise. Taboona is not yet great on the picket line and keeps getting tangled up but at least no rope burns! She has my big cotton rope nearly worn through in one place. I have been soaking her timothy hay cubes in water and give her about a gallon of this when I tack her up and last night I gave her a quart of oats and she really enjoys these treats!

I am feeling better this morning.   We broke camp and were on the road, the paved road now by 9 am, but my  timing seems to be off!  Because now we are smack dab in the middle of several county trucks coming and going! These dump trucks were scary for us and maybe a good lesson but when we got on the gravel part of this road and their water truck came at us full speed spreading water over our side of the road I was sure this was going to be a major “train wreck!” Thank God the driver had the wear with all to cut off his water when he passed us, I just knew Taboona would have gone ‘berserk” and somebody would have got hurt or killed, me or her or both of us!

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