Trout Lake

July  11, 2012. I walked to the Glenwood store and café and had breakfast of biscuits and gravy for under 2 dollars and listened to a conversation between loggers and farmers that you might say was “priceless”!

Anyway, back on the road again; I had to keep fussing with the temporary taped on rear booties and lost one every 10 miles or so but now I was armed with new duct tape and insect repellent  purchased at the Glennwood general store, so we headed for TroutLake the final leg of this journey! Again it was hotter that a “pistol.”  When we passed the Glenwood Rodeo Grounds, it was locked, so finding feed for Taboona would have been very unlikely! So once again I felt very blessed, that Jerry, Taboona’s new friend, let us camp at his place!

About 7 miles from Trout Lake,  Taboona figured out where we were and despite the 100 plus, degree weather we were now making 3 miles an hour instead of 2! Because now she was personally motivated!

There were a lot of bicyclists passing us and about 5 miles from TroutLake we stopped to rest and that must have been where we lost one of the taped on booties! I even drove back later but found no trace of it!

When we finally got down to the Valley proper and were on the Home stretch a large cannon sprinkler that was spreading liquid cow manure on the field off to our right totally freaked Taboona out! She took off at a dead run, out of control (except side to side) for the first time in 75 miles! Being a mustang she never goes completely ballistic and calmed down in about 100 feet. In two more miles we were home where I have lived for the past 25 years and I was happy to be there. Taboona was happy to be back with Sundance, Juniper, Myra and Lady, but mostly Sundance, Nina’s horses!

I did my very best all along on this trip to maintain Taboona like the performance horse that she is and I sincerely knew we could have geared up and been ready to head out the next day! And when we got to TroutLake her new boots, for her rear feet, had arrived in the mail and were waiting for us!

But I had a different mission so I rested for two days, then drove my old car to the Oregon Country Fair near Eugene and helped out at the Archaeological Park with old friends that I have been collecting  through  years  from attending   many an  awesome   Primitive skills Gathering!

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