July 10, 2012. After the usual couple of hours it takes to completely rig her up including the boots and Cart, we left Liedle Park about 10 am. And the horse flies followed us for the next 9 miles! Taboona was tossing her head trying her best to avoid being bitten by these monster bugs! She really hates bugs! I tried to swat some of them with my buggy whip to no avail! We slogged along this way; me feeling helpless, until we reached the first crossing of Outlet Creek, a small park where a picnic table sits, with a support system made of rail road rails! The wooden table top and benches being replaced from time to time!

I cut canary grass for Taboona and did my best to cool her off with the available water then we headed on into Glenwood and tied up across from the General Store. We were almost immediately surrounded by young people, asking me a lot of appropriate questions, I felt like I was being interviewed for the Glenwood school paper! When I told them about my “abandoned horse” story and what happened in Goldendale they were as shocked as I was!

I was impressed with the variety of stuff this little store stocked! I bought some bug repellent and duct tape and some healthy food for myself. Karen, who ran the store that day was friendly and a woman from out of state wanted to take pictures of my horse and cart, while I was driving, so I let her.

When I was heading out of town toward Trout Lake I was feeling pretty weary. We got about a half mile from town and a man stopped in his diesel pick up but I couldn’t hear him above the sound of his engine so I asked him if he would shut off his engine. So he did and he asked me where I was planning to spend the night. I told him I was not sure

but I was thinking about checking out the Rodeo Grounds. He invited me to stay at his place where there was a corral for Taboona. Well it didn’t take me too long to take him up on his offer. So we turned around and headed back to Glenwood and camped at Jerry’s Place!

He said my horse looked pretty tired. And I could tell by his demeanor and the packer boots he was wearing that he had spent sometime with horses! He said he had packed in the Wallows and The Goat Rocks. He said he had grown up in the old white house that was there but now he had a different place. He also offered his pasture where a couple of his retired horses were grazing but I declined and put her in his corral where there was plenty of feed… Taboona seemed not to really appreciate this as much as I did; I think her lack of sleep keeps her “edgy” I packed her water from the irrigation ditch. And there was a nice breeze blowing to keep the bugs down and I was ever so thankful for Jerry’s hospitality! When I looked up I saw Jerry had a wind vein made in the image; of a man on horse back leading a string of pack horses! I thought yep this man really did “see” Taboona and registered her condition; he didn’t stay and visit, just smiled and drove off.

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