Klickitat Canyon

July 9, 2012. Down the road a ways I noticed that a former neighbor of mine from TroutLake, Larry Williams was just pulling into his driveway so we pulled in behind him and had a short visit. But Taboona was not happy about this decision and wanted to get moving again really badly! Also I could see Larry was not aware of her mood and kept getting a little to close for my comfort and I was worried about Taboona stepping on Larry so we cut our visit short.

Taboona was still of the mind to take off with out me, so sometimes embarking was very exciting.  She did as little hop skip during our departure and through off one of the emergency boots I had  just taped on, so I had to stop, tie her up and patiently retape her boot on. This time it held for a few miles!

I am guessing it was about 115 degrees (F) when we finally descended into the KlickitatCanyon! My eyes were burning from the heat and bright sun and Tabonna seemed to be sure that a mountain lion was going to jump on her, from the rock ledges towering above us!

She did a big freak out when the usual, metal guard rail, suddenly turned into one made of concrete! She did a one second, 180 turn and before I could react. We were suddenly headed the opposite direction in the middle of the road! And she threw off one of her taped on temporary boots in the process! I turned her around, found a place to tie her up and retrieved the boot, (the one that was the correct size); I refitted and taped it back on.

There were occasional up drafts of hot wind blowing up at us and it all combined to make a very crazy situation! I was glad that no one was with me, because it was an extreme time, a trying time on the fine line between heaven and hell that I thoroughly enjoyed but it was not easy! I am glad there was not much traffic because meeting a log

truck was also very frightening for Taboona and likewise for me! Sometimes meeting a full blast loaded log truck or “heaven forbid” a pack of loud motor cycles on a narrow bridge seem to happen more often that not like “Murphy’s Law” and each  time Taboona would make it !! But often times it was like facing a firing squad where fortunately,  everyone was shooting blanks!

It was a long haul from Goldendale to LiedlePark on the KlickitatRiver; it took us 14 hours, 10 of solid travel time. I found what looked like the best place for horse feed (grass), unhooked the Cart and all the harness gear and took her to water. The river was kind of high and powerful looking and Taboona was full of fear and loathing but took a short drink! Later I hauled her water in a bucket. I have been feeding her oats (one quart per day) but I don’t think she does well with them in this heat. Seems to make her too nervous?

I never make her walk any faster than she wants to go and she usually wants to turn around and go back to Ekone. If I get a 10 second reprieve, where she is not going in the oncoming lane or off the side of the road, I am lucky. She is a little bit like watching a 2 year old human, never much time to relax!

It seems like I wake up every 2 or 3 hours  in the night to check on her and sometimes she lays down but I never see her completely fall asleep and snore, like she does sometimes at home?

She got tangled up a few times that night on the Klickitat and once very early in the morning she was snubbed up tight and got a rope burn on one of her back feet, even with this big cotton rope (3/4 in.). I felt bad for her and put salve on her rope burn. Part of the problem was the bugs that were bothering both of us. It took a long time for the air to cool off and drive the bugs back so we did not get an early start. Besides the sun came up late in the canyon!


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