before departure

Bickleton has a rich history and the people seem to be proud of it and use it as a way to promote their businesses and being with out cell phone service, it is still a step back in time and I looked at a lot of pictures and maps from the past. In the old days there were little Bergs scattered all across that part of the county, all about 20 miles apart. Just about as far as anyone would want to go with a team of horses or oxen.
I have to say I really enjoyed my time in Bickleton!
Meanwhile back at the Ranch; I borrowed a work horse collar and set of hames from the Ranch and tried that out on Taboona and that was a major break through in the use of horse power. The breast strap just did not “cut it” when it came to pulling heavy loads. Of course this was a” no brainier” for any serious horse driver! But for my personal learning curve; this was a major break through!! After testing the new equipment i.e. taking two, two hundred pound men plus myself down into Rainbow Springs and back out again, and seeing Taboona pull this weight with relative ease, we were ready for some long distance travel!
After my protocol of volunteer hours “I left no stone unturned” in my quest for comfort and function for Taboona’s harness, and the cart in general. I improvised where ever I needed to without compromise to our safety. I caught a ride into Goldendale for supplies, and by the 8th of July I was ready to roll.
A friend of mine from Portland came to visit me but unfortunately the timing was not good. We were “on different pages”. She did not want me to go during the heat wave that descended on the NW just then and I was in no mood to be delayed!
Also I was; out of necessity, it seemed to me, swept into complete absorb shun, (the day before a long and potentially dangerous venture), as if my mind was trying to recall a thousand details of an ancient song line! This created some strain between us; she renamed me Captain Ahab, which I will give it to her; was reasonably appropriate. The last thing I wanted to do was lose my momentum and I was hoping forgiveness would eventually trump any ill feelings!

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