unfounded fears

June 23, 2012. While I was waiting for Jeff and Denise to come and give me a ride back to the Ranch, I got to visit with some of the local “color” coming in and out of the store. One man; David Lusby told me the story how he had rode with Ray from Cleveland to Box Canyon Road which he said was the old Stage Coach Road. Wow, now that really made sense because there had to be places to water horses in those days! I thought how much fun it would be to take Taboona and the cart on the Old Stage Road! David also told me about the Ell Trail that went from Canada to Mexico and locally went from Celilo Falls to White Swan. And how the military had made the trail into a road that went from Fort the Dalles to Fort Simcoe. I asked Dave about the horse tracks I saw up on the Simcoe Ridge and he informed me there were 5000 wild horses north of the Simcoes and east of hiway 97 and 15,000 wild horses west of hiway 97 and north of the Simcoes.
I told Dave how Ray Mitchell and I had a mutual desire to create a cross county trail and I told him about our horse rides from Rock Creek to Indian heaven along the crest of the Simcoe Mountain. And how Ray was even paid by the county back in the ‘80’s to scout part of this proposed trail. During a time when the county actually had a trails department! And even though Ray was dead now I still wanted to follow through with the idea! David said that it would be impossible because there was too much private property along the way. And that was sad for me to hear.
I also met Jim Chapel ,who was interested in my adventures and he told me about a trail in Europe, called Camino de Santiago, that he and his daughter hiked ,a famous pilgrimage trail that goes across the Pyrenees mountains through Spain and France . He said he liked to hike this trail every year if he could and you did not have to carry a lot of gear because there were Huts about every five or ten miles where you could get a meal and spend the night, for a very reasonable price. And there were people from all over the world that hiked this trail. He said if you didn’t like hiking with one group all you had to do was wait a day at a Hut and there would be a whole new group to get to know the next day! Now I thought to my self well maybe there is hope for a cross county trail!
I know there has been much resistance to the rails to trial attempt from Lyle to Goldendale and the trail is only open half way because of the resistance from local land owners. But I personally think their fears are unfounded.

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