Dairy Canyon

I know there are springs scattered around this area but not knowing where they are, I was relieved to come upon a seep large enough to refill my water jugs. I saw a few deer and a couple of squirrels but not a lot of wildlife. Staying warm and dry was my primary concern when I started this cross county adventure now finding water was Key! Most of the draws I crossed did not have water but one had a good flow. It was too soon to camp for the day so I pressed on. Mostly I was walking through scattered Ponderosa pine and bitter brush and some aspens in the draws. A type of willow was, so far, my surest indicator of water. I eventually came upon a good spring and by the size of the tracks some very larger domestic bulls were coming there to drink. I made camp there and because I had water, I built a fire and got a good rest there.
After hiking for most of the next day now the 19th of June I came to a canyon so large and deep I decided not to cross it but follow up the west side which took me in a NNW direction. This may have been Dairy canyon? I eventually found a spring in the draw when I got within sight of the top. So I loaded my one gallon plastic jug and proceeded to the top or near the top of this east end of the Simcoe Mt. range.
I found a dry wash and made my evening fire, there. I was not as “together” as I hoped to be concerning my food preparation… Almost everything I brought required cooking and I was totally dependent on having a fire, but that simply was not possible in this country, this time of year. I did not take this into account and got a very upset stomach from some uncooked grains (I think) got really sick this night and did not get much sleep. Before breaking camp I threw out my dried re-fried beans that did not agree with me, and walked on. My diet now was reduced to dried fruit and some nuts and seed that I had ground into meal.

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