sweet water

I walked on until I came to a secluded mini canyon with abundant sweet water in it and camped for the night, built a small fire, cooked my supper and had a good rest their. was the loveliest water I have ever tasted!
I noticed the farther east I got on this trip the dryer and more brittle the vegetation became and my “common sense” comfort level; of having a fire, was being compromised. Before I left the next morning I made sure my camp fire was doused thoroughly.
I pretty soon crossed the first road going north and south. It was paved. After a while I came to the next north south road, it was gravel. I rested there awhile and almost decided to cross the Little Klickitat and hike along its north side, and from the looks of that way, as I went along the south side, it would have been the better choice! As I hiked along the South side I began to get very fenced in and hemmed in by the ever increasing and smaller fenced areas.
I came across a large pile of stones that I assumed had been gathered from the field but it was a circle of stones about three feet high so I rested there in the center, in the sun, out of the wind and out of anyone’s view!
And I did feel blessed to find this spot! But shortly there after I came to the worst bottle neck area and the only way I got through was the only way the coyotes got through, they had busted a hole in the bottom of the fence. I had to crawl through this and then drag my pack after me! Wow, don’t fence me in! I had to hand it to the coyotes for their persistence! I eventually had to go through someone’s back yard to come out on to the highway, Whew! I spent the rest of that day walking into Goldendale along Horse Shoe Bend Road.
After visiting friends on Collins Street I walked across town. I could not tell by any subtle or overt nuance in the “pulse” of Goldendale, that I had arrived on High School Graduation night!
I was invited by my long time friends to spend the night at their home, so I did.
Also I was in a race against time to get my purple corn seed planted at Ekone Ranch. This seed that I have hand selected for the last eight years and just carried on my back for the last 6 days, so I called for a ride and was picked up in the morning and Susan Holmes and myself got the corn planted on the 10th of June, young David helped too! Five days later than I have ever planted it!
I volunteered my time at Ekone for a few days; helping out with some of the many chores a ranch or homestead has. I built a much needed gate for the garden as a token of my appreciation of the ranch letting me plant my purple corn, there.

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