Later that night

(“The truth of necessity therefore is freedom.”  Russian Proverb)


     I chose aspot that seemed unlikely but in fact served me well. It was a lovely evening. The marsh birds sounded like they were having a great time also. Even though there was a beautiful red sunset it started to rain in the night, and continued all night. I got wet, and it continued to rain all day and even the birds stopped singing. I didn’t have a very good shelter; an old tent that I hadn’t used for a long time and had lost some of its water proofing. It leaked when the big drops fell off the trees. But I had a plastic bag and I had some dental floss so I picked some little buds off the balsam root plants that were blooming there and puckered one in each corner to tie up the bag as a small tarp. Now I had an extension for my shelter which created a dry spot large enough to sleep under.

      Strangely enough there were no mosquitoes and I was lucky, because I did not prepare for them and they can be a “deal breaker!

       At this place and time having a fire was safe and a necessity. I dried out my sleeping bag and clothes that got wet. I waited out the day in a kind of; state of prayer that I would not be discovered as I had no intention of bothering anyone and did not want to be bothered in turn. Someone walked by me with a dog, but even the dog did not pick up my scent! I walked around bare foot gathering wood and water as I needed it. I had a good sleep during the rain and stayed completely dry. I was lucky that I had everything I needed. It rained most of the night but stopped before morning so I broke camp and continued my hike.

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