The Scouting

     I left Trout Lake on the 3rd of June 2012, on a backpacking hike to explore a route for my horse Taboona and my Cart (home made). I left the house on the trail we built and walked east a couple of miles to the aspen grove. After looking at Goggle earth maps, it seems clear to me; all I needed to do was walk north from here and I would catch a road that ties into the TroutLake / Laurel Road. So I started off in that direction.

     I had about 50#s on my back and my walking stick. I took off walking to the north by dead reckoning and walked for about one and a half hours, it was very brushy and not easy going, then I finally came out in a clearing and realized I had walked in a giant circle. Wow, I had used up a lot of energy and took a healthy blow to my ego. So I got out my compass and did my then best to follow a strait line, in an attempt to pick up the dirt road I needed. But I never found the road! I eventually found another road but I turned the wrong direction on it and ended up getting behind a small range of hills. Obviously judging by the terrain I was getting to far South of my planned route so I decide to go  strait east which required me to hike over this small mountain range and then down a draw which became thicker with brush, trees and vegetation with each step. (I hadn’t been on an extended hike like this for 12 years so. I was a little ‘off my game’).

      This was quit an amazing thicket and I thought I was ‘going to get stuck in there! Through barbed wire fences and fading light I finally broke out of there into the open swamp grass lands. What a relief, but there were not many places I felt comfortable to make a camp for the night. I did finally decide on a spot that I hoped would satisfy my temperary needs.

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